Metal Detectors

German Metal Detectors

German metal detectors are the best devices for metal detection in the world

and are characterized by their quality and reliability by prospectors in different countries

of the world because of the reputation of the German industry of high quality, accuracy and excellence.

In this article we provide a comprehensive idea about ​​German made metal detectors.

German gold metal detectors manufactured by German companies are the most trusted equipment

by prospectors and professional treasure hunters because of their high quality and accurate results for prospectors.

German Metal Detector Manufacturers

German metal detector manufacturers companies such as OKM, Mega Locators and Lorenz

offer the best metal detectors which operate according to different search technologies

such as 3D imaging devices, ground scanners, long-range locators and VLF devices.

German metal detectors also have a wide range of uses and practical applications

in the search for gold and precious metals and buried treasures underground

and exploration of ancient monuments and detection of cavity, spaces and tunnels. applications.

Best German Metal Detectors

Mega Locators Company

Mega Locators is a leading company in the field of gold detectors

and metal detection devices and offers the best equipment in the world,

which operates according to technology or the system of long-range scan.

Mega Locators offers a unique series of the best gold and precious metal detectors

that can be used for many practical applications such as gold detection and finding

most precious metals such as copper, silver, platinum and bronze.

Some of these devices can also be used to detect tunnels, voids and underground caves.

The devices of the company Mega Locators are easy to use and comes with simple graphical interface,

which includes an easy-to-use program for users to choose different settings such as search programs,

for example, and adjust the various values ​​such as front scan range and search depth range.


Mega Scan Pro is one of the best gold detectors and metal detectors.

It is characterized by multiple search systems, high performance and ease of use also,

so it provide an ideal choice for all treasure hunters and prospectors


Mega gold is a simple easy to use long range locator metal detector

designed for gold detection and even diamond with mid-range price.

However the device offer ease of use and reliable results .

So it is a recommendation for any prospector searching for gold



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