Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors for Gold

Metal Detectors for Gold

Metal detectors for gold are electronic devices used to detect metals in general

and detect gold in particular with special features specialized in gold detection.

Metal detectors are electronic devices used to search for various underground

metal objects made from different metal types such as gold, silver, and iron like

coins, relics, statues and jewelry.

Natural Gold and gold treasures buried in the ground long time ago, are the most

desirable objects to be detected by prospectors.

Therefore, special metal detectors for gold are specially designed, where the prospector

can search for old coins, ornaments, such as gold rings, bracelets or hoops made of gold.

There is also a special category of metal detectors dedicated to detecting the ore natural gold

found in the earth crust in the form of small granules called gold nuggets or mineral rocks

containing gold minerals or in the form of veins inside the ground that contains extensions of gold.

Best Metal Detector for Gold

Best metal detector for gold should contain the necessary tools and sufficient technical features

to detect gold with a mechanism to distinguish gold from other metals called metal discrimination.

In the following paragraphs we will present a brief overview of the best metal detectors for gold

with the features of each device.

Impact Pro

Impact Pro is a recommended metal detector for gold, it is a unique multi-purpose and

high-performance device in all terrain.

Impact Pro proved its capabilities and reliability through the experiences of prospectors and through

real success stories such as the discovery of golden coins, statues and ancient monuments

by prospectors from different countries in the world.


The main important feature of the device is the Multi-Frequency technology, which was introduced

first through this device, which allows the use of one of three available search frequencies

and switching between them when searching to suit the discovery of different targets in various ground conditions.

In addition, the device has many features and functions for gold detection,

for example 12 different search mode for custom detection applications, the digital target ID

feature and the ignorance of specific range of metals as well as the cancellation of iron and audio tones.

Impact Pro device is recommended for every new prospector or hobbyist and even a professional one

because it enables you to discover your buried metal objects easily and offers you the best investment of your money,

thanks to its low price, which is your gateway to the world of treasures discovery.

GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 a most powerful natural gold detector in the world with most accurate results

and great performance in all terrains

GPZ 7000 is the most sensitive gold detector ever as it can detect smallest natural gold nuggets

at greater depths more than any rival device.


GPZ 7000 includes advanced technologies that give a gold prospector a reliable device

for detection of gold in all terrains and ground conditions like rocky lands or sandy soils.

The device has been tested by many expert gold prospectors in many continents in Africa

and Australia and offered best results and excellent performance

GPZ 7000 is the first choice for any serious gold prospector and seeker around the world

and it will open a new wealth opportunity for the owner of the device

Invenio Pro

Invenio Pro gold & metal detector a new device with un-preceded patented technology

that scan ground layers and display real shape and size and depth of detected targets on its screen.

Traditional metal detectors offered much advancement in their technologies and features

in last years, but it was not sufficient enough to meet the expectations of users and prospectors.

Users have expected much more from the metal detector or gold detector device they wanted to buy,

for example they wishes their detector to include a features such as : discovery of targets at greater depth ,

knowing the type of detected metal before digging , knowing the exact true depths of targets ,

know the shape of targets and real dimensions ..


Invenio has been developed to meet these requirements, and designed as the first metal detector

with a smart imaging system that allows the prospector to know the exact shape, depth and real dimensions

of buried targets. It also offers the discrimination between different types of metals and the possibility

of discovering spaces and cavity.


Metal Detectors for Gold and Silver

Metal detector for gold and silver is a device that must have the advantage of distinguishing between

metals or Metal Discrimination in order to know the type of target metal buried in a specific numerical

or visual way, so that the user can detect gold and silver and verify the target metal before digging.

Practically all types of metal detectors can detect all different types of metals, as they give the user a

feedback according to the search technology in the device, for example, a audio alert in the case of electromagnetic devices.

However, some devices do not have the ability to distinguish between a metal and another metal,

that is, for example, in the case of electromagnetic devices, they give the same audio tone regardless

of the type of metal, which is not desirable for most prospectors.

Therefore, for a serious prospector, it is important that the metal detector has technical features

that give him an idea of the nature of the metal, whether it is gold, silver, or scrap iron … etc.

Best Metal Detectors for Gold and Silver

The metal detectors for gold and silver are the ones that provide the possibility of detecting both metals

with the possibility of knowing the type of target whether it is silver, copper, iron or gold before drilling.

We mention examples of devices that can detect silver and gold:


Metal Detectors for Gold Prospecting

Gold prospecting is the process of searching for natural gold using various means,

including metal detectors dedicated to detecting gold.

Metal detectors for gold prospecting available from several companies, including the Australian company

, Minelab (like GPX 6000, Gold Monster 1000), the American company Garrett (such as Fisher F44),

and the Turkish company Nokta Makro (like Gold Kruzer)

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