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Gold Detector Price

Gold Detector Price

Gold Detectors price , Last article we have talked about What is Best Gold Detector?

but we didn’t mentioned any idea about price.

Gold detector price is an important factor for anyone who want to buy gold detector,

here in this article we will discuss the details…

What is the price of gold detector device? Are prices affordable?

What are the cheapest devices and are they as effective as the most expensive devices?

All of these topics will be answered in this article…

Gold detectors and metal detectors are an electronic device used to help treasure hunter and gold seeker

to find ancient buried treasures and the remnants of the previous civilizations.

Last years the interest in the buying of gold detectors in different countries of the world

has been increased by different people groups.

The detection of gold and treasures for some is just a hobby and entertainment,

while some rely on the discovery of treasures as a source of livelihood and a quick way to make a profit.

Gold and metal detectors are available in different shapes and sizes

and operate according to different search technologies, which vary from one device to another.

The gold detector price varies greatly according to the search system and the depth and other factors

and available features and prices range from tens of dollars for simple devices for beginner prospectors

to specialized professional equipment which may cost thousands of dollars.

Gold Detectors Price

As explained previously, the prices of gold detectors linked to a variety of different factors

that determine the gold detector price, including search technology and the maximum depth

and additional accessories and add-ons attached to the device such as sensors or different search coils and parts.

Here is a detailed review of some types of metal detectors and gold detectors

with a glance at the prices of these devices with several examples.

Electromagnetic Gold Detectors (Acoustic)

Electromagnetic gold detectors are the gold detectors that use a special search coil

which contains 2 electrical coils (sender and receiver) passes an electric current

and sends electromagnetic signals to the ground and receiving the feedback signals

of the buried target such as gold nugget or coin silver and other metallic objects

and determine the presence of metal or gold to the user through special tones for each metal in some devices.

Electromagnetic gold detectors are the most widely  devices in different countries

because of their simplicity, ease of use and suitability for beginners and amateurs in the detection of gold, metals.

The gold detector price is the cheapest among other gold and metal detectors categories.

The user can buy a device for less than $ 1000 for some devices.

plus for those who want a device with more features and reveals a greater depth.

They can spend between $ 1000 and $ 2000 or more depending on the device and depth. Search and set other points.

A category of these devices could cost more than $ 4,000 to $ 8,000 for some German and US gold-ore machines,

which may contain many accessories.

For example: Impact, Kruzer

Long Range Gold Detectors

These devices use antennas to receive signals from magnetic or ionic fields

that are form around long-buried metal targets such as gold boxes or coins or relics.

These devices best feature is wide search range,

which are used to detect the objectives of a large distance up to 2000 meters

in some of these devices and the field of deep depths up to 40 meters underground.

The prices of long-range gold detectors are relatively more expensive than the electromagnetic devices

and start from about 2500 dollars for a simple and small device to the extent of 3500 – 7000 dollars

for devices with more features such as more search programs and deeper depths and distances.


3D Imaging Gold Detectors

These devices work using a spatial 3D scanning system for the ground to be searched

by using a sensor or a measurement probe.

The results of the ground scanning are presented in the form of 3D graphics

on a computer or tablet screen usually bundled these devices.

The prices of imaging gold detectors are usually high, because they provide the most accurate results

with a deep depth and with the advantages of technology

and additions are not available in the rest of the types of detectors gold.

Prices range from about $ 5,000 for small-scale devices with a limited depth range

and up to $ 12,000 for imaging equipment with a deeper depth and better technical features.

Prices range to more than 20,000 dollars for professional equipment dedicated to companies

and professional prospectors for antiquities and treasures.


Gold Detector Device Price

Gold detector device price ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and the price is related

to several factors, including the device’s metal detection technology, technical features, depth range, search tools

and probes, additional accessories, device brand, manufacturer, and so on.

For example, the most important factor in determining the price of the device are the search technology in the device,

i.e. the detection tool or probe or method used to search for targets, where the devices are classified accordingly to

electromagnetic devices, 3D Ground scanners (imaging devices), long range locators and other technologies.

Gold Detector Scanner Price

One of the most reliable metal detectors in terms of results and the accuracy of searching for targets is the

3D ground scanner devices, which depend on scanning the ground by means of a probe that measures the magnetism

of the ground and transforms the scan data for a specific area of the ground into a three-dimensional visual representation

in colors that represent the structure and the targets in it from metal objects or spaces such as caves and tunnels.

In view of this, the prices of a gold detector scanner are the most expensive among metal detectors, as most of the devices

intended for professionals exceed the $ 10,000 barrier, with few exceptions for devices intended for beginners from

prospectors or devices with less features

Of course, the ground scanning devices differ among themselves according to the probes integrated with the device,

the extent of the depth field, and the method of displaying the scan data (computer – laptop – tablet – smart phone).

Therefore, the price varies greatly according to these factors, and the brand factor of the device plays an important factor,

as German devices, for example, are more expensive than Turkish-made devices.

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