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Choose the Perfect Gold Detector

Choose the Perfect Gold Detector

If you are thinking of purchasing a gold detector, you probably do not need to go back into the past and consider its importance. If you have already begun exploring the world of treasure and making the most of the equipment and methods used by modern explorers and prospectors, then this fact should not seem that surprising. But even so, it would be a great deal to lose if the future of gold mining collapses.

Just like any other industrial commodity, the production of gold mining equipment was and is currently profitable. And many people have found that the value of gold has become too high for the price of producing gold mines to remain profitable. The obvious question to ask here is how will this affect the types of equipment that is to be used for gold mining?

As it turns out, the equipment used for the excavation of gold mines is available for purchase, and almost all people are not disappointed by the results. They found out how they can practically test a gold metal detector to see how sensitive and what kind of accuracy they can attain, and the results are quite amazing.

If you buy a gold metal detector, you will discover that they are simple and effective, especially the ones that provide the most accuracy. Before buying a metal detector, it is important to first set your budget by comparing the prices of the different detectors in the market. Take note of the performance you expect out of the equipment.

Finding gold on your own requires a metal detector which can detect very minute traces of gold. Gold is hidden in small amounts in all the other minerals that are also found in the earth, so the detector you choose for your treasure hunting needs to be able to find them also.

Also take note of the features of the metal detector you choose, and make sure that it will work with your ability to handle it and keep it in good working condition. Most of the detectors have various features, which you will need to take note of when purchasing one.

For example, the different types of metal detectors available to you include walkie-talkies, simple submersible mounts, and GPS, which are used to find underground areas of mining sites. Take your time when picking out a metal detector, and remember that this is your money that you will be spending.

As hobbies go, metal detecting is remarkably rewarding—both in terms of the treasures you’ll find and the mental engagement it takes to find them. If you’re interested in becoming a detectorist yourself, the first thing you’ll need is—you guessed it—a high-quality metal detector.

Determine Your Targets

Different metal detectors will be more adept at picking up different targets. Are you looking for old coins, jewelry, or gold?

If you have specific goals for metal detecting, choose equipment that will help you achieve that goal. For example, a Garrett gold detector will be able to tell the difference between a gold ring and a rusty bottle cap without requiring you to dig it up.

Consider Who Will Use It

Is this metal detector for your use only, or will you be sharing it with children or young adults? If you’re in the market for a detector that the whole family can use, you should look for lightweight, beginner-friendly options. Many detectors have adjustable poles so that kids and grown-ups can easily handle them.

Think About Your Usage Frequency

Is your metal-detecting hobby more of a weekend diversion or an everyday activity? If you plan to go for frequent walks with your metal detector, choose one suitable for various terrains. You’ll want detecting equipment that can hold up to bumpy rides and rugged environments.

Reflect on Where You Plan To Detect

Depending on where you live and where you want to detect, you may look for different features in your metal detector. For example, you may not want or need an underwater detector if you live in the desert. However, it’ll come in handy if you take frequent walks on the beach!

Have a Budget in Mind

High-quality metal detectors come at a variety of price points. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a detector that’ll provide years of enjoyment. Set a firm budget for yourself and look at the options in every price bracket, asking yourself the previous four questions as you shop.

As you shop for the right metal detector for you, remember these tips before you hit “buy.” Northwest Detector Sales is home to one of the largest selections of metal detectors available online. We’re sure to have one that fits your requirements and budget.

Infinity Max Pro

Infinity Max Pro is the most powerful metal detector and gold detector ever with the largest integrated set of search and scan tools that provides all metal search technologies in a comprehensive and integrated device that can be used in multiple detection applications including archaeological exploration, natural gold detection and treasure detection at great depths plus underground cavities detection such as tunnels, caves and basements.

Infinity Max Pro device includes the latest developments and new improved technologies in metal detection from the German company Mega Detection, which have been integrated into the device through 12 diverse search systems to provide the best results for professional prospectors and treasure hunters.

Infinity Max Pro metal detector, through the device software available in 12 languages provides a rich user experience through wide options to adjust the search process and control its settings while watching the various visual indicators on the screen to ensure the best results before starting the excavation.

Gold Star 3D Scanner

Powerful versatile multi-systems metal detector with professional detection tools for prospectors and treasure hunters.

Gold Star 3D Scanner combines multiple search technologies in all-in-one device including 3D ground scanning, ionic fields detection and long-range metal detection.

Gold Star 3D Scanner incorporate 8 search systems that use a new or enhanced tools like probes and antennas with full range of adjustable settings and options to give a prospector all required tools for wide variety of applications like gold prospecting, treasure hunting and metal detection.

As it clear from its name is primary a ground scanner and it is first device from Mega Detection to include new innovative ground scanning technology. The 3D ground scan process conducted by using a new patented probe called Multi Ground Scanner or in short M.G.S.60.

Multi Ground Scanner design with its large surface area enable coverage of larger spot of ground in every scan point, and that mean more accurate results and reduction of time and effort for prospector.

Phoenix metal detector 

With the 3D imaging ground scan system, is ​​one of the best professional devices recently released , it is released by the Mega Detection company in Germany, which is distinguished by its professional devices for prospectors and treasure hunters.

Phoenix 3D ground scanner includes a new technology that is the first of its kind to scan the ground in a three-dimensional form with greater accuracy and speed through the first-of-its-kind scanning probe Multi-sensors Ground Scanner, or M.G.S for short, as well as the V.S.T vertical high-signal transceiver probe that provides powerful scanning tools to accurately record changes in the ground magnetism to obtain better results.

The device provides the possibility of a 2D visual representation of the scan results on the device’s screen directly or a 3D representation with multicolored graphics that accurately represent the composition of the ground and the targets within the scan area precisely through the Multi Visual Analyzer app that can be installed on any tablet or smartphone with the Android system.

Phoenix 3D ground scanner is a versatile device with three different search systems suitable for detecting different metals, ancient monuments, voids and ground cavities such as tunnels, and can reach very great depths.

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