Find Jewelry With Metal Detector

Find Jewelry With Metal Detector

Find Jewelry With Metal Detector

Find Jewelry With Metal Detector , Not everything that glitters is gold! We’re sure you have heard that expression before, but if you are a treasure hunter or an adventure lover, you should know better than anyone.

And what’s more important, you should know how to find gold rings with a metal detector.  If you don’t, you may be asking yourself, can all metal detectors detect gold?

We wish! But it is not that simple. Finding gold with a metal detector requires some technical aspects from the device. Metal detectors work by creating a small magnetic field that responds to objects hidden under the ground.

The signals that you receive from the metal detector can depend on many things:

  •     The frequency of the detector.
  •     The conductivity of the hidden materials.
  •     Type of soil or ground.
  •     Size of the object.
  •     The depth of the object.

Because of this, not all metal detectors can consistently or accurately uncover grains of gold or gold nuggets. In almost every case, “natural gold” is found in high mineralization areas, surrounded by a lot of other types of minerals. This makes it even harder to get the conductivity that would allow gold detection to occur.

Detectors that run at lower frequencies are not as good at finding gold because this mineral has a low conductivity, making it almost impossible for a low-frequency detector to differentiate between gold and any other mineral in the ground.

By logic, this means that higher frequency metal detectors are better at finding gold because they can identify smaller materials more accurately. Likewise, gold has better conductivity with higher frequency waves than lower ones. The best devices for finding gold with a metal detector are multi-frequency or PI-type detectors.  If you’re hunting for gold, particularly gold rings, then you should focus on metal detectors for gold.

Finding gold with a metal detector

Hunting for jewelry is an easier task if you’re finding gold with a metal detector in the city or a field, and it is equally as exciting for many reasons:

  •     Most metal detectors can detect gold in jewelry because of its size
  •     Even old jewelry can be sold for a reasonable price
  •     You could build a killer collection of unique jewelry
  •     Your metal detector can find jewelry in lots of locations like the park, the beach, sports fields, or concert venues, so you don’t need to go anywhere in particular!

So, how to find gold rings with a metal detector?

We already covered the technical aspects, sharing tips about the best metal detectors for you, now here are our best tips for location: the beach, of course! Even more, now that the weather is nice. The beach is one of the best places to find gold with a metal detector because it is common for people to lose their jewelry or gold rings in the sand, not even realizing they’ve lost it while surfing or that an earring fell off while they were bending down to collect shells.

Those little trinkets are left behind and with our tips now try finding gold with a metal detector, it could be a great adventure.

Another good place for finding gold with a metal detector is inside old, abandoned houses or storage areas; however, you need to get permission to do so. But trust us, it’s worth it! It is possible to find antique jewelry that dates back centuries. This is important because historic and antique pieces are some of the most valuable.

Remember that for this, you will need excellent discrimination. It’s common to discover lots of old bottle caps or pieces of foil before you find any gold piece, which is why we insist on getting a metal detector with excellent discrimination, as we don’t want you to be getting faulty targets all the time.

Always take into consideration, the key on how to find gold rings with a metal detector, relies on the device you choose, the location, time, patience, and of course, your hunting for gold skills.

Here is a Pro Tip for finding gold with a metal detector: Large jewelry, usually made of gold, will emit a different sound from your metal detector, so it takes a lot of time and patience (and some needless digging) before you figure out the ropes and learn when to dig and when to keep moving.

Which Metal Detector Features Help to Locate Jewelry?

Multi-purpose detectors are very proficient at signaling jewelry in different terrain. Depending how much time you will spend treasure hunting and how determined you are to locate jewelry; you may want specific features on your metal detector. Discrimination is important for filtering out trash targets. However, gold jewelry is often mistaken for foil, pull tabs and nickel. So some hobbyists suggest digging up all targets if you have the time and patience.

Visual target ID and depth display are two helpful features. Not only will they tell you which type of metal your detector has located, you will know how deep to dig to retrieve it. The output is commonly a numeric value called a VDI (Visual Discrimination Indicator) number which appears on your screen. As you get familiar with these readouts and your audio signals, you can decide which numbers are worth exploring and which ones to skip. One expert jewelry hunter weighs in, “I just dig every solid target from around 47 & up. In very trashy areas, I don’t dig the lower VDI’s because of foil and junk. In relatively clean areas, I dig up lower numbers in the mid 40’s and often come up with jewelry items.”

Popular Models of Metal Detectors for Jewelry Hunting

For increased success on your jewelry hunts, it’s important to have the right type of metal detector. Perhaps you started with an entry-level unit and are interested in upgrading; or maybe this is your first metal detector purchase. Any veteran detectorist will tell you to do some research before buying the detector that is right for you.

For instance, all metal detectors will find gold but there are different types made that are more sensitive to and specifically for gold. So, if you are solely interested in locating gold jewelry, you will want to select a detector made specifically for this purpose. Some metal detectors are water proof. It is also helpful to decide on a price range when you are shopping to help consolidate your choices.

Most entry-level models will features both audio tone and visual target identification, an expanded depth reading and an LCD Display. Some metal detectors feature a pre-set ground balance to eliminate the effects of minerals; others offer the choice of automatic or manual adjust. Discrimination mode is offered on many metal detectors to filter out trash items.

Other options include different modes such as “all-metal” and “notch discrimination”; or a unique target identification number for every target. The instruction manual will go into detail about target ID numbers and what type of metal they identify.

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